August Black launched in 2008 as the only interior design firm that caters exclusively to men. Met with great acclaim, August Black has helped men up and down the island of Manhattan at such addresses as 20 Pine, The District and the new HUYS building. After helping hundreds of Wall Streeters, Hedge Fund guys, musicians, athletes and the occasional lawyer make their house a home, women and couples began to knock on the door.

Due to the growing demand for high-end residential projects, August Black proudly launched August Black HOME. This led to August Black BABY,  accommodating busy parents and growing families, by creating custom, one of a kind baby rooms. Following the successful completion of numerous hotel, office and restaurant projects, August Black COMMERCIAL AND HOSPITALITY entered the mix. And last but certainly not least, August Black is thrilled to announce their STAGING division.

August Black provides full-service interior design, architectural and project management services for residential, commercial, hospitality, restaurant and lounge projects.

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