Incorporating Metallics in Your Home

As Autumn approaches and the daylight begins to wane a little earlier each day, the trend of metallics in fashion and design will be keeping life bright straight through Winter. Benjamin Moore recently released a new line of high gloss paints called Molten Metallics, which are supposed to give the look of a hammered metal finish. Though the line is not yet available in stores, the secret formula is creating quite a buzz already. We ordered a few quarts and can’t wait to test them out for ourselves. While we await their arrival, we are scoping out the wide uses of metallic elements in home decor. From throw pillows to tree trunks, a little shine can bring a lot of life to any room in the house.


One of the first things one considers when beginning to decorate a room is what color to paint the walls, and too often the ceiling is left out of the thought process. A metallic ceiling is a bold statement, reflecting light from above and giving off a subtle glow. It will also highlight a structurally interesting ceiling, as in the example below. If you’re not ready to commit to painting a metallic ceiling or wall, try a metallic room divider like the faux leather croc skin one on the right, found on Hayneedle. Same shine, less commitment.

Dining room ceilingHayneedle room divider

Kitchen/Dining Room

In the kitchen below, metallic accents are carried beyond the standard appliances into the brushed metal island, and even into the dining area with silver chairs, giving the space a contemporary industrial feel. If you’re looking for just a pop of shine, on the other hand, try these West Elm metallic-banded dessert plates.

Metallic island, appliances, chairsWest Elm plates


This dramatic bathroom is so decked out in metallics that the floor even has a reflective sheen. Though you may not want to replace your whole bathtub in exchange for the metallic one seen below, you’d probably like somewhere to place your champagne glass during those long bubble baths. Try this side table from Horchow.

Metallic bathtub, bath mat, mirror

Living Room

Gold tree trunk coffee tables are a pretty simple DIY project, provided you can get your hands on a few tree trunks.  If you’re not in the mood for a spray painting party (though they are tons of fun) a sequined throw pillow like this one from West Elm may add that hint of sparkle you’re looking for.

West Elm Random Sparkle Pillow

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